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The community also has parks and playgrounds that ensure boundless fun and excitement for the kids. At Metro Manila Hills, life is one big vacation.

One of the best things that Metro Manila Hills: Theresa Heights is so proud of is the scenic view of mountain ranges. The vastness of a greener view, right within the inner perimeter, which is very soothing and cool to the eyes is another priceless offering of this abode. 

One big unique difference Theresa Heights from the rest of the residential places is the abundance of amenities and other equipments for the free use of all residents. Beginning with a fully landscaped and welcoming entrance and exit gates. The entire place equally boosts of a fully lighted boulevard to make sure that the entire place is well lighted at night and residents are secured. Roads were built wide enough to make them look and function liked any private street. For a happier children’s weekend, a clean and well-maintained children’s playground was also generously provided. This is to ensure that all the kids within the community enjoy their weekends free of hassles and potential dangers from an outside playground. The vastness of the playground, its well-maintained cleanliness and all of the children stuffs that are in there – these are necessary experiences for young minds so they learn how to interact with other kids and they learn the importance of making friends and socialization. The usual weekend travel with the kids can be minimized because the playground can keep them busy. There is also a clean nature themed park for everyone to enjoy. This clean and well maintained park is a good place to meditate. The multi-purpose hall is equally functional for private family occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and others. This is also ideal for open community affairs where everyone can meet and greet their neighbors. Theresa heights also take pride in the vastness of the open space where line trees and fully blooming grasses serve as earth’s beautiful carpet. You are free to do your morning rituals like exercising, jogging or walking. You can go ahead and do some biking around.

Your security and your family’s safety is a great concern we considerably looked into. To amplify that, both entrance and exits are gated with full security force checking the ins and outs of people. The entire place is equally secured with perimeter fences to exclude non-residents from getting into the community. 24/7, water supply is secured to a maximum level because of the elevated water tanks aside from the fact that the water system of the entire community is well taken-cared of from a centralized supply system.

At Metro Manila Hills: Theresa Heights, most of the needs of the residents are either well-taken cared-of or they are handily available nearby. Providing our residents the basic things they need such as security, convenience and serenity, one way of giving back to them these non-monetary returns on their investment, some kind of priceless experiences. We have actually more in-store for you. You may be interested in knowing what we have in store for you, we will be happy to be of assistance. Just hit that chat button and we will be right there right away. You may also call us in anytime, we have one experienced agent to assist you with your inquiries.

  • Lighted Boulevard
  • Wide Concrete Roads
  • Parks and Playgrounds
  • Multi-purpose Area
  • Landscape Open Space
  • Perimeter Fence
  • Centralized Water System with
  • Elevated water tanks
  • Entrance Gate with Guard House
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