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Theresa Heights Overview

Property Developer: New San Jose Builders
Project Location: MMH Communities, Rodriguez, 1860 Rizal
Turnover Date: Preselling
Unit Sizes: Starting at 51 sqm
Price Range: Php 1.7M and up

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Theresa Heights Philippines

Theresa Heights By New San Jose Builders

Enjoy the elegance and modernity of Metro Manila but away from its maddening crowd and congested streets, succumb to the Metro Manila Hills: Theresa Heights’ classic Old South American inspired architecture with a modern twist and functional design homes. Houses have wide front porch really similar to this classic design. Theresa Heights is owned and built by New San Jose Builders, Inc. (NSJBI), a pioneer in quality and affordable housing across the land. This house and lot residential development is at the northernmost of Rizal province, where people is one of the friendliest neighborhoods and the place is teeming with nature’s bounties such as lush greens and hilly terrain that breeze life with the freshest air and the coolest environment north of Manila.

Theresa Heights is a true paradise of an enclave. The project is found along Mayon Ave. Extension, Rodriguez (formerly Montalban) , Rizal, one of the richest and largest (in terms of population and area) municipalities in the Philippines.The site is near (less than 800 meters) the forest of Quezon City’s La Mesa Watershed and Protected Areas. The house units that come with Metro Manila Hills are typically 2-storey Townhouse and Townhouse combined and 2-storey Single Detached configurations in Old South American style design which is unique from any other house designs in the country. 

Metro Manila Hills: Theresa Heights is far from being flooded and harsh typhoon strike is very remote because the site lies near the slopes of a mountain range that protects everything from the typhoon path. The site’s proximity to Metro Manila (especially Quezon City and North Caloocan) gives every resident great opportunities to explore and be employed or conduct business easily within the metropolis, a terrific location, indeed! Additionally, the town of Rodriguez, on its own has major establishments, such as shopping centers, churches, schools, workplaces, hospitals, cinemas, retail shops, convenience stores, repair shops, resorts and restaurants and other major destinations, lying close to the project.

If there is one hyperbolic way of living the “American Dream” outside of America, it is certainly here at Metro Manila Hills where houses are perfect resemblance of South American houses – large front porch with that classic airy look of elegance. What a beautiful way of bringing together the classical look of an old residential architecture and the functionality of a modern interior. This is a mind blowing experience and this is perfectly real. Built by New San Jose Builders, Inc., the scenic view of a classic South American house we used to see in movies is now the same house you can potentially own.

Metro Manila Hills: Theresa Heights is located right at MMH Communities along Mayon Avenue Extension in the municipality of Rodriguez, one of the fastest growing town in the Province of Rizal. Rodriguez is used to be the old town of Montalban, one of the richest towns in the Philippines. Rizal Province is adjacent to Metro Manila, about half an hour ride distance, a place known for its laid-back environment and very friendly residents. Just being at the outskirt of the metropolis, the abundance of public transportation is quite high. Theresa Heights also offer house and lot packages with area ranging from 51 square meter up to 369 square meters. It equally offers ready for occupancy (RFO) units and preselling some parts. Located at the northern tip of the Province of Rizal, Theresa Heights sits within the elevated and hilly prime location. The sight of massive lush green vegetation all over the place is the source of the free clean air capable of soothing down a weary soul. There is no need to sugar coat the beauty of Theresa Height’s location because inside-out, it is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful residential place in the country. The wide array of Mother Nature’s beauty is revealed right in this place.

Many people working and living right at the heart of the Metropolis have been struggling to keep their children and the entire family free from diseases. Pollution is all over the metro in all possible forms and keeping a life here is becoming extremely costly. Metro Manila Hills: Theresa Heights is just within the nearest outskirts of Metro Manila, easily accessible by any means of transportation. This is one best option that you can take if you want to live a healthier and much happier life. Theresa Heights in itself is a haven of serenity and tranquility, everyday blossoming with Mothers Nature’s protective love. Maybe it is time for you to move to Rizal and be part of a clean and healthy community without giving up your livelihood in Metro Manila. The idea of having a healthy family, free from air pollution and massive flooding, is worth the 30 minute ride each day. You don’t just save for your family’s hospitalization here, in fact you are sealing a brighter future for them. Theresa heights by the way is overlooking Quezon City’s lone protected forest, the La Mesa Watershed.

Housing units available at Metro Manila Hills: Theresa Heights are mostly 2 storey residential buildings, either attached as part of a cluster of houses or single detached. All of them resembles the engineering and architectural designs of houses found in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, West Virginia and the rest of the Southern States in America. There are 4 available house models that you can choose from. All come in extremely affordable packages with great property acquisition options.

Each housing model comes in many variations but with one distinct feature, that is a nice and large front porch intended to allow residents to have ample outdoor space for visitors and social events. This architectural concept is in consonance with what Rodriguez stands for as a community – being friendly. A large and spacious porch is typical of accommodating, happy and friendly people. Of course the experience of having many great friends in the community resonates one’s outlook in life.

Metro Manila Hills: Theresa Heights sits on a literally strategic place. It is situated on the slopes of a long mountain range, thus protecting houses from extreme weather conditions like typhoons as mountains serve as wind breakers. Flooding is not a problem here because the hilly location is naturally elevated and it never hold surface any run offs. The combined protection of the hills and the slopes within the entire location truly defines the uniqueness of this great residential place. Thanks to Mother Nature.

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New San Jose Builders Theresa Heights in Rizal, Philippines is a premier House & Lot project available for sale. If you're looking to rent or purchase Theresa Heights, then check here first. We have full details of Theresa Heights updated regularly as well as everything you need to know about the availing and booking process, broken down into stages that includes selecting a unit, choosing a payment plan and buying your dream home at the right price. For price list, free site tripping or showroom visit, personalized service, model house, unit plans, floor plans, payment terms, CHAT LIVE with an agent 24x7. Always only buy from PRC licensed Real Estate Brokers and Agents.

Theresa Heights - LOCATION

Theresa Heights Location

Theresa Heights - AMENITIES

Theresa Heights Amenities

Theresa Heights - Price List

Theresa Heights For Sale
Unit Type For Sale Prices Area(sq.m.) Notes
Single Detached ₱ 3,000,000 and up Lot Area 102 sqm / Floor Area 60 sqm
Townhouse ₱ 1,745,270 - 2,184,374 Lot Area : 51 sqm / Floor Area : 38 sqm

Why Invest In  Theresa Heights

4 elegant house models to choose from

Theresa Heights offers house models in 2-storey Single Detached (60sqm floor area/ 102sqm lot area and 70/102 models), Townhouse Single (54/51 model) and Townhouse Combined units (108/102 model). The bigger lot and floor areas is one of the largest in the industry but with certainly lower price compared to the nearest competitors.

House units come in 2-BR, 1 T&B, with provision for spacious living, dining, and kitchen areas. The units also have provisions for service area, carport, lawn (front yard) and porch.

State-of-the-art amenities

Compared to medium-cost residential developments across the region, Metro Manila Hills: Theresa Heights has more recreational amenities and facilities that your family will definitely enjoy. These are parks and playground, jogging path, basketball court, clubhouse, multipurpose area, landscaped open spaces, tree-lined boulevard, beautifully landscaped entrance gate with guardhouse, perimeter fence, underground drainage system, elevated water tanks, and so much more!

The town is a great outdoor adventure

Rodriquez, Rizal is one of the province’s top tourist attractions as it has several historical and cultural places worth visiting, including exotic land forms and various natural wonders. These include the Avilon Zoo, Pamitinan Cave, Wawa Dam, Noah's Park, Puray Falls, Mt. Balagbag, Mt. Sipit Ulang, Mt.Pamitinan and many other attractions.

The family and your friends will surely love exploring these outdoor adventures every weekends, a terrific way to appreciate nature and bringing you and your children to healthier activities than making them couch potatoes playing games and texting on their mobile phones, etc.

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